Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Honey, I'm home!

I'm home...
Canada was great...I never imagined that when it was announced that Vancouver was the most livable city in the world, that it would be inherently so...but it is. The city's quite pleasant and the people are nice...And there's a large visible Asian population. It was quite liberating and refreshing...
I wish holidays were longer. And I also wish that I had the energy to write a longer post but I'm kinda pooped, so I'll just point form it now so that I can expand on it another day.

1) Ice cold water from the taps.
2) Friendly bus drivers.
3) Choice
4) Twinkie.
5) Paramount.
6) 1200 channels.
7) Live basketball with game breakdowns after.
8) 24oz cut of meat.
9) 21 degree weather.

That's all for now...will write more later...

Meanwhile, I'm just going to fret over the huge DVD bill I've incurred.


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